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You can see what we’ve been up to the past weeks: installing new doors and windows on the 1st floor. The carpenter delivered them to us at the end of last year and we’ve then placed some of them (by trial and error). And now it also takes us a lot more time and effort than we thought. We really underestimated it!
The window frames, the doors and the windows get 2 coats of primer, a layer of shellac, 2 coats of lacquer, and in between that sanding, cleaning, and if needed filler and sealant.
Nuno puts the glass in and fixes the hinges. Dona cleans the window and door openings in the facade with the power washer. Nuno then repairs the joints and after that, we together install the window or door. This is an accurate and difficult job. Gradually we get a bit of skill for it and we know: “If we tighten the frame a bit more here and tweak that hinge a bit like this or that…. (it’s about millimeters) then it’s perfect!”
After that one last paint, filling and sealing the joint in the wall. And of course the locks and the handles…. pffff, just one more week to go. Hopefully…


Little Portuguese glossary for placing doors and windows

screwdriverchave de parafusos/ chave de fendas
power drillfuradeira
to paintpintar
9 aug 2020


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