I just uploaded a new video commissioned by the Municipality of Cinfães. Last weekend there was a cultural event there and they asked me to make a video of it. A short impression to look back and look forward to the next edition. That was something I was honored to do.

Cinfães: Culturalmente Único

First shoot in Portugal

This was my first official shoot and project in Portugal. I enjoyed it a lot. Especially since Cinfães is our new home town, and it was a pleasure to make the town and the people look as good as possible. The weather gods were also on our side, the event was really nice and attracted a lot of people.
Nuno assisted me during the shoot and my friend Cátia transcribed and read the commentary text in beautiful Portuguese.
But in case you can’t follow it, I’ve made an attempt to do the same in English.

Cinfães: Culturalmente Único (English version)

15 sep 2022


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