Vailá is online now!
Our website to inform everyone about the upcoming events and other nice things to do in our region, is up and running. It is available in Portuguese and English.
We are very happy to share it with everyone. So please, dear readers of As Rolhas, share it with everyone and come to the beautiful Region of Douro Verde!



Last month we were working very hard to build this website. The calluses on our hands have disappeared, our muscles are weakened. Moreover, we got infected with Covid-19, which deteriorated our physical condition even further. 😉
It’s great that Vailá is online, but we miss our DIY activities. And of course, that includes sharing our stories on this blog. So we promise: In the coming months, more stories from the ‘real’ construction site.



  1. I’m sorry to read about you having Covid!
    I hope, you are fully recovered once more.
    Have a nice time!

  2. Hallo, ik heb net jullie blog ontdekt en ook de link naar Vailá bekeken. Wat een mooie website, het ziet er heel uitnodigend/inspirerend uit en werkt ook prettig, goede user experience 😀
    Je doet ons (bijna) weer twijfelen over de regio die we nu het meest aantrekkelijk vinden en momenteel rondkijken in het noorden van Portugal.
    Groetjes Saskia

    1. Obrigadinhas, Saskia, voor je reactie.
      Ja, wij zijn natuurlijk wat bevooroordeeld over welke regio het aantrekkelijkste is. Succes met de afwegingen.

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